BOG 2018: Tribute and Luncheon in honor of Honorary Doctorate recipients and the recipients of the Bublick and Rothberg Prizes

Tribute and luncheon to the recipients of Honorary Doctorates and the Bublick and Rothberg Prizes

Honorary Doctorate Recipients 2018

    Raquel Chalfi, Israel

    Prof. Paula Fredriksen, United States and Israel

    Roger Hertog, United States

    Prof. Stephen J. Lippard, United States

    Prof. Charles F. Manski, United States

    Prof. Eric S. Maskin, United States

    Robert Simons OAM, Australia

    Prof. Robert H. Singer, United States

    Prof. Vera T. Sόs, Hungary

    Stephen Victor QC, Canada

Solomon Bublick Prize:

     Prof. Menachem Magidor, Israel

Samuel Rothberg Prize:

    Dr. Ruth Calderon, Israel

Photos by Bruno Charbit: