Meet the faces : Tal Ulus


Tal Ulus, 28, grew up on Kibbutz Tze’elim in the western Negev’s delicate ecosystem.

“My proximity to nature was the impetus for my undergraduate degree in geography and history. For my master’s in geography, I am specializing in environmental policy. With its multidisciplinary approach, the new Advanced School for Environmental Studies gives me the broadest perspective and deepens my knowledge of management and policy.”

Tal received a B.A. degree in History and Geography, a M.A. degree in Natural Resources Management and Environmental Policy from the Hebrew University. Her master’s thesis examines the beginning of the Roman Optimum through a temporal and spatial analysis of the new towns that were founded in the Mediterranean during the fourth and third centuries BCE. At the time of her M.A. studies, and today, she was a research and teaching assistant of Professor Ronnie Ellenblum. At the present she is a doctoral candidate in the Geography Department and the advanced school for environmental studies, and a recipient of a Scholion-Scholarship. Her PhD dissertation, under the guidance of Professor Ronnie Ellenblum, traces the environmental explanations for the construction of cross-eurasian barrier walls, focusing the western part of the continent in the Roman period.
Now completing her thesis on environmental history, Ulus hopes to continue onto doctoral studies or secure work in policy planning in the public or NGO sectors.