BOG 2017 : Honorary Fellowships Ceremony

In an impressive ceremony, Gultin S. Ephrati, President of the Swiss Friends and Co-President of the European Council and Josiane Pitoun, an active member of the French Friends received Honorary Fellowships. Ms. Ephrati, was chosen to respond on behalf  of the nine recipients from around the world.

Welcoming the recipients to the stage, President Menahem Ben-Sasson noted that strengthening the next generation evolves from leadership – leadership that sets an example. It is also about building a community, he said. “We thank you, the leaders that sit here and the many others around the world, for building the community around you. We know it is hard work and we know it takes more than one day.”


“We cherish our Honorary Fellows,” said Michael Federmann, Chairman of the Board of Governors. “Thank you for what you have been doing until now; thank you for what we know you will continue to do.” 


In her charming, witty and thoughtful response, Gültin Ephrati focused on the concept of vision and visionaries – in the past and in the future. “Once upon a time,” she said, “5,000 years ago, Abraham had a vision, an intuition. Was it a revolution or a revelation? Moses established the guidelines of our lives. Herzl was another visionary – and here in this place, his vision became a reality.

“One can think of no better inspiration for the founding of the Hebrew University,” she said. “Founding the Hebrew University – at that time in the middle of nowhere – was a bold and inspired vision. “That vision, she explained, resulted in the reality of the Hebrew University – a bedrock of learning, culture and education.

“At the heart of the Hebrew University we will find the next generation of visionaries,” she stated firmly.














 Josiane Pitoun

To see all the pictures from the Honorary Fellowship Ceremony, 12 June 2017, Photos by Bruno Charbit