Swedish Friends Summer Activity, South Sweden Branch

Winni Fejne with Ronnie Friedmann, Vice-President of the HU

The HU South Sweden Branch was inaugurated in July 2011 by Israeli Ambassador to Sweden, Benny Dagan, and is 'run' by former Swedish Friends President Winni Fejne, HU Honorary Fellow 2015. Since the start, six activities have been held, the most recent on 9 July 2015. Swedish Friends of HU count around 245 members, most of them in or around the Swedish capital, Stockholm. TAU has a dormant friends association, and Weizmann Institute recently established one. Sweden has approx. 18,000 Jews.



Venue: Renowned Café Flickorna Lundgren at Skäret (30km north of Helsingborg)

Winni presented The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, its history, academic activities, and the 90th anniversary celebrations to a group of 30 HU Friends and/or friends of Israel in general. The Fejne Family support for cancer research, for assistance to blind and visually impaired students, and to the ELSC was highlighted. YISSUM, newly started HU activities to connect with all communities in Israel, and the opening of the new Mandel School for the Humanities, were also focused.

Swedish Friends autumn 2015 activities in Stockholm were presented, they include a talk by Israeli Ambassador to Sweden, Isaac Bachman, and one about the Nissim Camondo museum in Paris. Friends and guests were handed the new Scopus Magazine and various other brochures.

The event on 9 July 2015 generated five new Friends, as well as a donation  from the café. 

For information on South Sweden Friends of HU, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Last June, Winni Fejne became an Honorary Fellow of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem