Scopus Award to Regine and Erich Sixt - Berlin

Berlin, 05/02/2014

The ceremony was both emotional and political. The Jewish Museum was the perfect venue for the evening. It began with a musical ouverture and citations from Kohelet. The moderator was a well-known TV personality by the name of Sabine Christiansen. This was preceded by the welcome address of  HUJ President Menachem Ben-Sasson. Iris Berben, well known TV and film actress and  president of the Friends' Association, opened the formal proceedings. Then came the laudatory speeches for Regina and Erich Sixt and their merits for the HUJ cause. The speakers were Salomon Korn and Patricia Riekel .Korn is Vice Chairman of the Jewish Community in Germany and Patricia Riekel is publisher of Bunte, a weekly illustrated journal. The sculpture and scroll were handed over by Iris Berben and our President. The Sixts responded each in his and her own way. Regina Sixt giving an account of her many charitable activities while her husband, Erich Sixt, not speaking from prepared notes, gave a moving account of what it was to grow up under the long shadow of the Nazi atrocities and how this shaped his views on the Jewish cause and the State of Israel. The evening continued until well after midnight, the final high point having been a classical concert followed by more light-hearted band music.

Erich Sixt, Iris Berben - President of the HU German Friends,  Regine Sixt and Menachem Ben Sasson, President of the Hebrew University

Erich and Regine Sixt, recipients of the German Friends Scopus Award 2014 for their long-standing support of the Hebrew University

280 guests attended the gala evening at the Berlin Jewish Museum

Charlie Siem, one of the brightest young classical violin stars playing together with Israeli pianist, Itamar Golan

Patricia Riekel, introducing the Scopus Award to the Sixt couple

Regine Sixt and Charlotte Knobloch, one of the primary leaders of the Jewish community in Munich

Regine Sixt receiving the Scopus Award designed by artist Gérard Garouste for the Friends of the University in Europe