Can Artificial Intelligence Solve the Mysteries of Quantum Physics?

Mobileye Founder and Hebrew University Professor Amnon Shashua, together with his research group at Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s School of Engineering and Computer Science found the way to understand the world on an infinitesimally small scale called quantum physics phenomena thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Quantum physics, looks at the nature and behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level, however, it has been almost impossible for even the most seasoned researchers to get more than a glimpse of these complex phenomena.  This is because of the enormous number of particles these phenomena contain (over a billion billion in each gram) and the enormous number of interactions between them. 

Prof. Shashua’s computer science doctoral students — Yoav Levin, Or Sharir and Nadav Cohen—have demonstrated mathematically that algorithms based on deep neural networks can be applied to better understand the world of quantum physics. These algorithms, the very same ones that gave our computers facial- and voice-recognition capabilities, can now be harnessed to enhance our understanding of the quantum behaviour of nature. 

Like the technological revolutions of the 20th century, gaining a deeper understanding of quantum physics through artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise all aspects of our lives, from computing and energy to transportation.