Terrier Puppy Undergoes Cardiac Catheterization in HU's Veterinary Hospital

An adorable terrier pup called Henry is enjoying a blissful "dog's life" after undergoing innovative life-saving surgery at HU's Veterinary Hospital. Henry was rescued at five weeks old by a soldier who noticed him running around his army base. The pup failed a routine check-up when it was discovered he had an unusual and often fatal heart condition. The young soldier brought the pup to Dr. Dan Ohad ofHU's Koret School of Veterinary Medicine.

Ohad, Israel's leading specialist in veterinary cardiology, determined that Henry suffered from PDA, a disease that causes abnormal blood flow between the heart's two major arteries. Henry was alive despite long odds, but in danger of sudden death. Dr. Ohad performed a cardiac catheterization procedure. In most hospitals, Henry would have undergone open heart surgery, a more invasive and risky technique that would have decreased his odds of survival. In Israel, this is only the third time that this cardiac catheterization procedure has taken place, and previous times also occurred at HU's Veterinary Hospital. Fortunately, X-rays revealed that the catheter was masterfully placed, allowing proper blood flow to Henry's heart for the rest of his life.