Spotlight on : Marius Nacht, Cofounder of cybersecurity firm Check Point Software Technologies

Spotlight on :

Marius Nacht, one of Check Point’s founders, has served as Chairman of our board of directors since 2015. Mr. Nacht has also served as one of our directors since we were incorporated in 1993. From 1999 through 2005, Mr. Nacht held Senior Vice President roles at Check Point. Mr. Nacht earned a B.S. (cum laude) in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1983, and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Communication Systems from Tel Aviv University in 1987.

BOG 2018 : June 8th 2018

Panel: How to Create a Thriving Eco-System of Innovation: Bringing VC’s entrepreneurs, government and established businesses together to discuss best practices from the Start-Up nation. How do these different groups work together to make Israel’s—and Jerusalem’s—start-up community one of the most advanced in the world?

Specific Panel Topics:

- From Idea to Exit: An overview of the key points in the process

- Hotbeds of Innovation: Which sectors are hot—which are not and the reasons why

- Equal Access to funding: How do VCs ensure that they are funding a diverse group of entrepreneurs


Panelists: The HUJI Innovation Panel brings together entrepreneurs, founders, and funders, as well as established businesses to talk about today’s best practices and tomorrow’s most exciting trends. Panelists represent the best of Israeli innovation and will discuss what makes Jerusalem and Israel a successful technological ecosystem.

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