Prof. Mimi Ajzenstadt Elected Dean of Hebrew University’s Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare


Jerusalem, July 17, 2014 — Prof. Mimi Ajzenstadt has been elected Dean of the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prof. Ajzenstadt will begin her term of office in September as the current Dean, Prof. Johny Gal, completes his term.

Prof. Ajzenstadt said: “I'm honored to be named the Dean of Israel's leading school dealing with social work and social welfare. This School has a profound influence on the practice and profession of social work throughout Israel. Its faculty play a leading role in developing welfare policy, influencing the development of services to those in need, and increasing access to justice among various sectors of Israeli society. These days our society is facing difficult challenges, and the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare will continue to play a central role in leading the development of meaningful and important social programs and processes.”

Prof. Ajzenstadt obtained a B.A. in Education and Arabic Language from the Hebrew University (1980), followed by a certification to teach the Arabic language from the Hebrew University (1982), an M.A. in Criminology from the Hebrew University (1984), and a Ph.D. in Criminology from Simon Fraser University in Canada (1992). From 1992-1994 she was a post-doctoral fellow at the Hebrew University in the Department of Sociology and at the Institute of Criminology in the Faculty of Law, researching the sociology of law and the sociology of deviance.

At the Hebrew University she served most recently asProvost of the Rothberg International School (2010-2014), which through its various programs educates approximately 2,000 students from over 80 countries each year. Her previous roles included Director of the Lafer Center for Gender Research and Women's Studies, as well as Vice-Director and Director of the Institute of Criminology in The Faculty of Law.

Prof.  Ajzenstadt is currently a member of the Hebrew University Senate; of the Advisory Committee to the Hebrew University President on the Status of Women; of the Committee for University Ranking; and of the Promotion Committees for the Rank of Tenure Lecturer and Associate Professors at the Hebrew University, Tel-Aviv University, and Bar-Ilan University.

She is currently President of the Israeli Law and Society Association, a member of the Israeli Science Foundation’s Post-doctoral Committee for the Social Sciences, and a Member of the Board of the Israeli Association of Criminology. She has held Editorial Board positions at numerous journals, including The Journal of Experimental Criminology, The European Journal of Criminology, Israeli Criminology, Israel Law Review, and Meegdareem: Gender and Feminism.

Her many awards and scholarships include the Mildred and Benjamin Berger Chair in Criminology; Outstanding Teaching Awards in the Department of Sociology and at the School of Social Work and Social Welfare; the Lionel Cohen Senior Lectureship in Law; the Golda Meir fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; the Birk Prize in the Faculty of Law; the President’s Scholarship at Simon Fraser University; and more.

Hebrew University President Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson thanked the outgoing dean for his service and congratulated the incoming dean on assuming her new role.


About the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Founded in 1958 in cooperation with the JOINT and the Government of Israel, the School trains social workers to fill professional roles in all fields of social welfare while responding rapidly to the changing social needs of Israel's diverse population. Research at the School aims to expand the knowledge and understanding of social policy and social welfare systems, and to develop new methods of professional intervention at all levels from the individual to the community. The School provides modern teaching programs and contains the Moses Leavitt Library, Israel's best research library in the field of social work.

Almost 1000 students are enrolled in the School's Academic Programs, which include Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W), Field Work Training, Master of Social Work (M.S.W.), M.A. in Early Childhood Studies, M.A. in Management of Community and Non-Profit Organizations and Public Policy, and Ph.D. The School’s Research Groups include the Center for the Study of Philanthropy in Israel, the Social Policy Research Group, Mental Health & Well Being in Childhood and Adolescence, and the Israel Gerontological Data Center.