6th Brain Circle Meeting - PROGRAM

At the beginning of the 2nd decade of the 21st century, brain research is undergoing rapid and dramatic development. Fascinating new experimental and theoretical results, and a deeper understanding of fundamental brain phenomena are emerging, with far-reaching clinical, sociological and philosophical consequences. At the Hebrew University, a group of young faculty recruits are leading the future of this field – two of them: Dr. Goshen and Dr. Citri, will participate for the first time in the upcoming 6th Brain Circle event to be held in Monaco. They will highlight new genetic-based directions for activating the brain, for effecting cognition and for the treatment of addiction.

This meeting will include expositions of several additional dramatic advances in brain research by Prof. Nissim Benvensity, discussing advances in stem cells technique and brain repair, Prof. Haim Som[polinsky highlighting recent exciting advances into the question of “free will” and Prof. Idan Segev will discuss the mega-EU flagship project “The Human Brain Project" whereby new computers and information technologies are use to integrate the different levels of brain research under a coherent research umbrella. As part of this event, we will also discuss the final plans by Lord Norman Foster’s architects for the new brain-research building, to be started in July 2013. Together we will discuss the bright future for brain research at the Hebrew University.

In the spirit of the Brain Circle, we will also share a unique artistic experience; this time with the Israeli violin virtuoso Shlomo Mintz. We will meet him both in an evening concert as well as in a private gala event with him.

The 6th Brain Circle meeting is probably the most exciting meeting so far; both because of several recent breakthroughs in brain research to be discussed, the maturation of the Brain Circle with several new members, and with the ripping of the Brain Building at the Hebrew University and, most importantly, with the joining of next generation of bright researchers to the Brain Circle.

I very much hope to see you all at this unique event and continue with our family and friendly style tradition of being fascinated together by the brain.


Yours warmly,

Idan Segev



Prof. Haim Sompolinsky “I and my brain. Who is in charge?”

Dr. Inbal Goshen "Illuminating the brain - controlling cognition and emotion by Optogenetics" 

Dr. Ami Citri "Addiction: from molecules to brain-circuits"

Prof. Nissim Benvenisty “Stem cells, genetic disorders and brain repair”

Prof. Idan Segev “The Human Brain Project – a new platform for understanding the brain in health and disease”

Prof. Eilon Vaadia "Building the Brain at the Hebrew University"