Jerusalem event will examine current American and global responses to genocide

A June 25 program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will explore what lessons have been learned and implemented by anti-genocide activists, America and the world since the Holocaust.

The program, "Preventing Genocide: What We Can Learn from Herbert Hoover, Peter Bergson, and the Holocaust" is sponsored by the Genocide Prevention Program of the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health and Community Medicine, the Jerusalem Center for Genocide Prevention, and Christ Church Jerusalem. Admission is free of charge.

The event will look specifically at the lessons that can be learned from an unlikely alliance of Americans who worked for the rescue of Jews during the Holocaust, from former president Herbert Hoover to the controversial activists known as the Bergson Group.

The featured speakers, Dr. Rafael Medoff and Prof. Sonja Schoepf Wentling, co-coauthored the new book Herbert Hoover and the Jews: The Origins of the Jewish Vote and Bipartisan Support for Israel. Dr. Medoff, founding director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, is author or editor of fifteen books about Jewish history and the Holocaust.  Prof. Wentling is associate professor of history at Concordia College in Minnesota and has published widely on U.S. foreign policy, Zionism, and East European Jewish history.

The program will take place on Monday, June 26 at 12 p.m., in the Rubin Auditorium at the Student Center on the Hebrew University’s Ein Karem campus.