Winning Team Of Hebrew U. Students To Represent Israel In International Humanitarian Law Competition

November 29, 2011: For the second year in a row, students from the Hebrew University's Faculty of Law have won first place in Israel’s National Competition on International Humanitarian Law. The annual competition is organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) together with Israeli academic institutions and law faculties in particular.

The Hebrew University team defeated 10 other groups representing educational institutions from across Israel in the four-day competition, which concluded on November 17.

The winning team, comprised of Moran Alriyami, Yael Naggan and Doron Pe'er, will represent Israel in the Jean-Pictet Competition on International Humanitarian Law in April 2012 in South Africa.

The annual competition includes simulations of legal debates on a range of conflict situations. An international panel of judges selected the winning team based on criteria including legal knowledge, understanding of international law, and ability to relate this knowledge from memory.

The two groups representing the Hebrew University were coached by Dr. Tomer Broude, senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law, and Efrat Bouganim-Shaag, who competed last year and won the Best Speaker Award. Two other veterans of the competition, Roee Ariav and Yfat Barak, helped greatly in preparing the students.

Barak Medina, Lawrence D. Biele Professor of Law and Faculty of Law Dean, said, "It's a great honor for the Hebrew University to win first place in this important competition. Our students demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge and I hope they will also reach outstanding achievements in the international competition."