Leading Israeli Newspaper Names HU Researcher as one of Israel's Promising Scientists

Dr. Amit Zoran

Calcalist, a leading Israeli business daily recently named young HU faculty member, Dr. Amit Zoran, as “one of Israel’s most promising scientists.”

Zoran, from the Hebrew University's Rachel and Salim Benin School of Engineering and Computer Science, is an engineer, and an inventor researching the connection between mankind, technology, and the arts. Zoran is in the process of inventing a "hybrid" system that will allow us to create timeless works of art while taking advantage of modern technology; and without disconnecting the artist with their work.

"Before the industrial revolution, all of the tools used by artists were handheld," Zoran explained. “The creative process and design used to be integrated but the industrial revolution ended that. It disconnected the artist from the materials used to create their art. Today, with the digital revolution, artists don't need to physically touch any materials at all."

The solution, according to Zoran, lays in the developing world of "makers", a community of engineers and fans of science who use simple tools and basic computers to create new and exciting inventions. "My colleagues and I want to allow people to express themselves with technology,he said. For example,  Zoran designed an engraving machine that can be used by anyone, even those with limited knowledge in computers or art.

"One of the advantages of Israeli hi-tech is how open minded and creative it is”, Zoran explained.