Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund Awards


Grant to HU Profs to Study Alzheimer's

A new grant to encourage novel approaches to fight Alzheimer’s diseases has been awarded to Hebrew University Professors, Yuval Dor and Benjamin Glaser.

The award of $250,000, established by The Sydney-based charitable trust, the Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund, will be distributed over 2 years. The award intends to fund research aimed at developing and assessing new treatments for Alzheimer’s.

Professor Dor and Glaser’s research project entitled “non-invasive measurement of neuronal cell death,” has the potential to produce a non-invasive method for the detection of neuronal cell death which could transform the diagnosis, drug development and treatment of Alzheimer’s. Their approach will allow for specific, sensitive and quantitative detection of neuronal cell death in blood, using fragments of DNA released from dying neurons. Such a method will create an objective tool to diagnose and monitor the brain damage caused by Alzheimer’s. The lack of such a tool has, until now, posed a barrier in the development of effective therapy to fight the disease.

Professor Dor is part of the Department of Development Biology and Cancer Research in HU’s Faculty of Medicine and Professor Glaser is a member of the Department of Endocrinology at the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center.The professors noted that, “Preliminary results suggest our approach can detect brain cell death in the blood of human patients suffering brain damage after cardiac arrest and in neurodegeneration.  We are proposing to examine if it can be used to detect neuronal cell death in mice and human patients with Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund has supported research and scientific work at the University of Sydney and the Hebrew University for over 35 years. This support has included a number of pervious grant programs to fund Alzheimer’s research.

Source: The Sir Zelman Cowen Universities Fund