10 Hebrew University Faculty Members Inducted To New Young Israel Academy Of Sciences And Humanities

Will operate independently with backing and assistance from Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Jerusalem, November 21, 2012 — Ten young Hebrew University of Jerusalem faculty members have been inducted to the new Young Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities created by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
The new academy includes 26 outstanding young faculty members from universities across Israel, and will operate independently with the backing and assistance of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
The new academy is comprised of Israeli researchers up to age 45 who have demonstrated excellence in research and original thinking, won prizes and received research grants. Members are inducted for a period of four years, with the first inductees chosen by a committee of the Israel Academy and future members to be chosen according to agreed-upon rules.

Inductees from the Hebrew University include Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, who lectures at the Department of History; Prof. Orit Kedar from the Department of Political Science; and Prof. Re'em Sari from the Racah Institute of Physics.

The goals of the new academy include promoting the standing of young scientists in Israel, promoting the relationship between science and policy-makers and between science and society, fostering communication and cooperation between young researchers from different fields, and encouraging joint research and collaboration with young researchers from around the world.

Other Hebrew University researchers who were chosen for the new academy include: Prof. David Enoch, Faculty of Law and Department of Philosophy; Dr. Roie Yerushalmi, Institute of Chemistry; Prof. Ariel Knafo, Department of Psychology; Dr. Pawel Maciejko, Department of Jewish Thought; Prof. Michal Feldman, Jerusalem School of Business Administration; Dr. Sharon Zuckerman, Institute of Archaeology; and Prof. Edit Tshuva, Institute of Chemistry.