Dr. Yuval Harari Among Winners of Polonsky Prize for 2012


Dr. Yuval Noah Harari of the Department of History at Hebrew University will receive one of the Polonsky Prizes for Creativity and Originality in the Humanistic Disciplines for 2012

Dr. Harari was chosen for the prize for his best-selling book, "A Brief History of Mankind," published in 2011 by the Dvir publishing house.  The book surveys the entire history of humankind from its evolutionary roots to the peaks of human achievement.

“Seventy-thousand years ago, homo sapiens was an unimportant entity dealing with its own needs in one of the corners of Africa. Today, we have become masters of the planet and a great danger to its ecosystem. The book examines how this occurred,” explained Dr. Harari.

Another recipient of the 2012 Polonsky Prize is Professor Ruth HaCohen of the Department of Musicology at The Hebrew University for her book, “The Libel Against the Jews,” which was published in English in 2011 by the Yale University Press. The book investigates the historical categorization of the Jew as a producer of noise in a Christian world viewed as dominated by harmonious sounds.

This is the ninth year in which the Polonsky Prizes have been awarded by The Hebrew University’s Authority for Research and Development. The prize was initiated by Dr. Leonard S. Polonsky, a devoted, veteran member of the British Friends of The Hebrew University who donated the funds for the prize to highlight the originality and creativity of scholarship in the humanities at The Hebrew University

The prize is awarded for creative endeavors – a book, project, article or discovery -- in all areas of the humanities that were written or published during the past five years. The prizes will be awarded this year on June 13 during The 75th Annual Hebrew University International Board of Governors 75th meeting.