8th European Conference - Portuguese Participants Lisbon


For Portuguese participants who do not wish to register for a full conference package, there is a possibility to buy selected events "a la carte".

  • Welcome reception on Thursday, October 10 from 8pm to 11pm: 130€/person

Guests will meet at the Ajuda National Palace for a cocktail dinner, a conference about the Marranos and a concert by Fado Singer Cuca Roseta

  • Shabbat dinner on Friday, October 11 from 7.30pm to 11pm: 100€/person

Opening sessions on Marranism followed by a Shabbat Dinner at the Pestana Palace Restaurant

  • Gala dinner on Saturday, October 12 from 8pm to 11pm at the Ritz Four Seasons hotel: 150€/person

Cocktail followed by a festive seated dinner with Guests Speakers and Kletzmer Concert

  • 2 days conference with lunch at the Pestana Palace Hotel: 100€/person

Join the Saturday and Sunday conferences

  • 1 day conference with lunch at the Pestana Palace Hotel: 60€/person

Join the Saturday or Sunday conferences

  • Half day conference  /or full day without lunch: free