European Conferences

The European Conference of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ) takes place in a different European country every two years. It is the major and the most prestigious event of the HUJ in Europe. The conference provides a meeting place for the vibrant exchange of ideas between the worlds of scholarship, science, politics and business on a highly significant theme, as well as the opportunity for the conference participants to encounter the University's scholars and its European Friends in a stimulating and inspiring environment.

We regard the European Conferences as an important catalyst for promoting mutual understanding.

Two hundred distinguished guests from the realms of business, economics, sciences and politics, as well as Friends of the Hebrew University from Europe and around the world, attend.

Internationally renowned experts from around the world, including HUJ-scholars, take part to the European Conference.

Special highlights such as a festive evening hosted by local politicians in prestigious location and entertainment evenings ponctuate the Conference.


BERLIN 2016, "The Explorers of Knowledge for the Benefit of Humanity"

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LISBON 2013, “The Explorers of Knowledge:  Discoveries, Perspectives, Influences”


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VENICE 2011, "Sacred Love, Secular Love, the Song of Songs, From Jerusalem to Venice"


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MADRID 2010, "The World at the Crossroads of Cultures”












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PRAGUE 2008, "When Asia Encounters the Occident"

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